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Kids Martial Arts Offer:
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Aubrey's Story

My 8 year old son has been going go Team Haanpaa for almost a year now and still looks forward to training every week. Since he's been training with Coach Darby, we've seen improvement in not only his confidence in everyday life, but also improvement with his concentration on tasks at home.

We also referred our 12 year old nephew, who has been attending for 6+ months now and have seen the same excitement in him. As parents we've been impressed with the leadership at Team Haanpaa and with their unique ability to get kids excited while learning this useful skill.

Todd's Story

My perspective of Haanpaa martial arts is that of a parent of two kids that attend Darby's kids jiu-jitsu/self defense class. As a former kids coach of two styles of martial arts I understand the importance of being able to break down a technique so kids know exactly what they are doing but understand when they should do it in a self defence scenario. Darby does just that. He takes his time and explains the move they are doing multiple times. I also really enjoy that his course is based around anti bullying. Which seems to be a growing problem in today's school systems.

My kids really enjoy going to class, my daughter asks me almost daily "is it a jiu-jitsu day dad"? So I guess the real question is would I recommend him to others, absolutely i would.