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Fitness Kickboxing Rockford,IL

Muay Thai/Fitness at Team Haanpaa

All the self defense benefits of traditional martial arts and Muay Thai Kickboxing, with a strong emphasis on fitness! Our fitness kickboxing program focuses on two areas. We will teach all the skills and techniques found in the knock out power striking of Muay Thai, while providing a fitness circuit training class structure. Simply put, you are going to burn CALORIES like crazy. High intensity work out all while learning important self defense from the standing position.

The Benefits of FItness Kickboxing
  • Knockout power striking ability

  • Excess fat will begin to disappear and managing your weight will be easier than ever

  • Self defense from a standing position

  • Take control of a close-quarter attacking situation

  • Dramatic increase in flexibility early in training

  • Serious toning and improved physique

  • You'll feel better and your body will run more efficiently

  • Your self-confidence will reach new heights as you learn self-defense

  • Your ability to and focus will go through the roof

  • Experience a major drop in daily stress levels

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