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Claim Your 3 Transformation Sessions Only $20
STEP 1: CLAIM YOUR Transformation
Introductory Lesson: Your First Experience With Our Coaches Will Set You Up For Success. We make sure we are there to help everystep of the way. Showing you exactly what to expect in class.
Your Classes: Your first class will be incredible. Our Members Boast About Their Quick Resuslts and increased enegry!

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"My first month in class I lost nearly 15 lbs and over the course of the next few months I lost a total of 30 lbs." - Andrew Wikel

"Team Haanpaa genuinely care about your personal fitness and bring the best options to you for the most effective and safe way to reach your goal. They helped me lose weight when I needed that extra push to break through when my weight loss had become stagnant." - Rebekah Rawson

"Ok, so let me start out by saying I have been to SEVERAL martial arts gyms. Some were awesome some just...not. This gym is awesome! I've been training with Coach Darby for a couple years now and he is everything you look for in a coach. He's very understanding, patient, helpful, knowledgeable, trust worthy, and very well qualified. Classes with him are fun and enjoyable...and so are the people!" - Leina Luelf

"Did a drop in to Coach Darby's school. His teaching style was very detailed. Broke down all the moves to be easily understood. Very detailed in his teaching style and came around during open mat to coach the students. I felt welcome by all and this is a sign of a high quality gym."

- Robert Gerent

"Coach Darby Haanpaa is the reason I love training MMA. At Team Haanpaa Martial Arts our coach has created an awesome learning environment that's great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. If you live near the Rockford area and are interested in jiu-jitsu, muay thai, or boxing come check us out. Hope to see you on the mat!!!" - Reety Radke

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