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Personal Training For:

-Accountability and Direction

-Athletic Performance

-Weight Loss


-Flexibility and Mobility

-Potential Injury Reduction

-Martial Arts Expertise

-Improved Rolling in BJJ



-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The Training Team at HMA (Haanpaa Martial Arts) is here to help you!

Your success and development as an athlete, martial artist, or simply as someone looking to improve their overall health is top priority. Our trainers are their to help you reach your goals  with efficiency, effectiveness and Safety. Your personal trainer will take the guess work out of improving your functional fitness and mobility, and give you nutritional direction to help you push yourself and recover well. Stay  consistent, stay positive and leave the rest to your trainer!


With The HMA Fitness Training Program our trainers are Educated Professionals with Certs. in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, or Nutrition, etc. All certifications are from an accredited university or nationally recognized organization. In addition our trainers all have extensive martial arts backgrounds and will know how to incorporate your martial arts performance goals into your training program. 

HMA Fitness Offers Packages:
- 50 minute, Personal Training Sessions
- 50 minute, Couples Training Sessions (2 people)
- 45 minute, Small Group Training (3-4 people)

For more information contact one of our trainers listed below.

-No cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled appointment. (Exceptions will be made for Emergencies and sudden illness only)


Our Trainers

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Erich Haanpaa

"Coming from a Martial Arts background I understand the discipline that comes with dedicating yourself to a life changing decision. Weather it is joining a fitness program or just choosing to eat healthier. Taking one step in the right direction is all you need to start.

I have learned to solidify good habits and choices that will yield results. In 2016 after finding out how out of shape and unhealthy i have become i set out to make myself the healthiest i have ever been. Devoting myself to gaining as much knowledge to change every aspect of my health and wellbeing. Now in the best shape of my life I have sought out to expand the share this knowledge by investing in others transformations with Personal Training."



Certification: The American Council on Exercise (ACE)(Pending)


Main focuses:  Strength and conditioning, Weight Loss, Powerlifting, Martial Arts Sports Performance

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